Ayr United Football Academy Need YOU!

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The IRN-BRU Cans for Youths campaign has kicked off in earnest with our collection committee already having numerous can counting sessions under their belt after only a couple of days.

Thomas Donovan, an AUFA Community Coach has taken the mantel this year as committee leader and like a true professional, is happy to get his hands dirty when raking through the collection buckets in order to count the recyclable tins that are worth their weight in gold to the Academy.

Many local businesses have been very open this year to the needs of the Academy in collecting the IRN-BRU cans, with an ever-increasing number coming forward to help in what is seen as a very worthwhile cause in helping to raise funds for out Football Academy.

“We have had a number of inquiries from local businesses about utilising their premises as collection points. We already have loads of outlets that were quick to say yes when we asked about collecting on our behalf and we are hopeful of many more also coming on board to make this the best year yet.” said Thomas.

“We raised £5’000 last year when we finished second with over 14’000 cans, we’re hoping to top that this year with an extra special push and get that top prize of £10’000.”

thomas-donovan-picCollection points are now dotted around the town and include the main drop off point of AUFC Club Shop and Subway within Ayr Central.

Others include:

The Black Bull – Ayr, The West Kirk, Rabbies, Boswells, Central Bar – Ayr, The Malt Cross, McCabes, Willy Wastles, The Brig, The Station Hotel, West of the Moon, Harleys, Wellington Bar, The Berkeley, Ayr India, McArthurs, The Twa Dugs, Meridian & The River Cottage.

If you or anyone you know can help collect cans via your workplace, office, local pub or social club, get in touch with our IRN-BRU committee head honcho Thomas Donovan at thomas2o1o@yahoo.co.uk