Community Football Centre News – 21st January

Last week’s theme across our Community Football Centres was Dribbling. Some great individual skills were learned and displayed with many of the young players picking up new tricks and flicks as well as developing control with both feet.

Well done to all!

The centre nominated for selecting the Star Player for the week, was the session at Muirhead Activity Centre on Monday. We are delighted to announce that this week’s winner of the AUFA Star Player Award was Gillian! Coach Stevie had this to say ‘At the beginning of the session Gillian could only use her right foot to dribble, as the session went on she began using her weaker left foot to help her when dribbling through gates, in the match at the end she dribbled past a defender and scored a great goal!

Well done Gillian – you are a Star!

Gillian pictured with her winner’s pennant

This week’s theme across all of our centres will be Defending.

Here’s what Ayr United’s defensive stalwart, Michael Rose, had to say about defending:

‘Defending is an art form that takes a lot of practice to do well. In order to win games you need to stop the opposition from scoring. But more and more in modern football, the defenders are the starting point for attacks too, so need to be as good on the ball as they are without it.

The AUFA Community Football Centres are a great starting point for aspiring defenders where they’ll get loads of chances to tackle and defend, but also get time with the ball at their feet.’

So get yourselves along to one of our centres and learn to defend like Michael!

Details of the centres can be found here

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