School of Football (more info click here)

With the support of South Ayrshire Council, the School of Football at Prestwick Academy commenced in August 2011.

Ayr United Football Academy delivers the School of Football which provides 5 days of football coaching activities to the group of players from Secondaries 1 to 3.


College Programme (more info click here)

Ayr United Football Academy is now in its third year of a partnership with Ayrshire College who offer the course of NC Sport and Fitness (Football – Based Award), NC Advanced Sport and Fitness and HNC Sports Coaching with Development of Sport.

Students attend the Ayrshire College Centre of Sporting Excellence and on 2 afternoons per week they have compulsory football training and practical sessions in Ayr in conjunction with the football club coaches.


USA Scholarship ( more info click here )

Ayr United Football Academy is in partnership with The Scholarship Co which offers Academy players an opportunity to pursue college scholarships in the United States where they can continue their football development while furthering their prospects by earning a recognised degree.

SRUC HND Graduate Course ( more details click here )