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Glasgow Kelvin | Ayr United Football AcademyThe extent of the UK’s digital skills gap is a growing concern ā€“ we need to do much more to protect our increasing use of technology in all sectors so we can equip the UK workforce for life in a globalised economy.

A large percentage of existing and start-up businesses do not have the necessary skills required in the digital age. Many people are unable to undertake some of the most simple digital tasks and are certainly not in the position to promote their business effectively online.

As most SME’s do not have the budget to employ a digital agency, it is imperative they learn to do it themselves!

Bsmart Media has developed a suite of digital courses that are designed especially for SME’s to provide them with the essential skills required to move a business forward in the digital age.

And working in partnership with Glasgow Kelvin College, we aim to address this digital skills gap by offering a fully-funded training course, Level 2 NCFE Digital Promotion for Business.

That’s right, training is free!

And to complement your training and support your digital promotions campaigns in the future they offer you a free smartphone app, available on both the Apple and Android platforms, in the form of a CV, to use as a marketing tool when advancing your career.

Learners complete their training online and at their own speed meaning they can do it at anytime and anywhere.


Level 2 NCFE Digital Promotion for Business – The units are as follows:

Unit 01 Digital promotion for business
Unit 02 Understanding search engine optimisation for business
Unit 03 Coordinating the use of digital media for business
Unit 04 Coordinating offline and digital media for business
Unit 05 Emergent digital techniques for business
Unit 06 Producing digital promotional content for business
Unit 07 Data protection and digital media for business
Unit 08 Measuring the effectiveness of digital promotional activity for business

There are no hidden costs involved in the development of the app or for the training; the whole process is completely free.

The criteria to qualify are that;

  • The learner is 16 +
  • Are living in Scotland
  • Have been living in the EU for the past 3 years.

Spaces are limited. If you are interested in this course, please email for your enrilment form.