Weigh to Go Ayr United

Weigh to Go Ayr United works alongside NHS Ayrshire & Arran to facilitate the Weigh to Go programme.

We continuously run 12-week programmes with the men getting a 1 to 1 pre-assessment before they start the course. Within the 12 weeks the men will take part in workshops looking at changing small habits, focus on the different food groups and the recommended intake, food labelling, hidden sugar and fat, the benefits of physical activity and its role in weight management and many more. The participants also exercise as part of the course this is usually walking around the football pitch or chair circuits. On 3 of the weeks the participants have the chance to cook some of the following adapted recipes; fish and chips, chicken curry, pizza, pasta and spaghetti bolognese. After the initial 12 weeks the participants try to maintain their lifestyle changes on their own and can filter in to our walking football or walking group to continue their activity levels. The participants will then return after 6 months and 12 months for follow up sessions.

The programmes run from the Ally McLeod Hospitality Suite at Somerset Park.

For more information please contact Bobby Hay at or phone 01292 263435 (option 2) to speak to an AUFA staff member.

Ayr United Strollers

Ayr United Strollers walking group leaves Somerset Park every Tuesday at 10.30am.  The walking routes vary each week and historically have ranged from historical walks around Burns country, park walks covering Rozelle and Belleisle and beach walks along Ayr and Prestwick promenade.

Each week the walk starts with a short walk around the Somerset Park pitch to warm up.  The walk is supervised by a qualified walk leader and is open to everyone regardless of ability.

If you would like more information please contact Ross Armour at 

Alternatively, please feel free to come along on any Tuesday.

Pump It Up 

We are delighted to launch our “Pump It Up” project in local schools throughout South Ayrshire. The project, aimed at children aged 10-12, is funded by Heart Research UK and Subway and combines educational workshops with football to inspire a healthy heart lifestyle.

click Pump It Up for more info.