Raymond Pattison

Head Scout

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Raymond joined the Academy in 2009 and is well known around youth footballing circles.

His involvement in schools football started in the early eighties at Fenwick Primary school. This led to becoming involved in District select football in 1983.

Raymond then moved on to coach his old primary school team at Loanhead, where he experienced many successful seasons.

He has coached Mark Roberts, Ayr United manager, and ex Ayr players, John Robertson, Craig Conway, Craig Sampson and many others.

Raymond started scouting in the mid 80’s with Hibernian then moved to Rangers in the Souness era. He lived in Australia for 3 years and then returned to schools and youth football, scouting for Mark Shanks when he managed the Ayr United first team, before taking up a position with Aberdeen covering the Ayrshire and Glasgow area.


Bud Adams


Bud was approached in the summer of 2009 and asked to join the Ayr United Football Academy as a scout due to his knowledge of the game and players in CAYFA league.

He reports directly to the Head Scout, Raymond Pattison and his role involves watching games in both the CAYFA and West of Scotland leagues, where he can be seen most weeks seeking out new talent.

Bud began his coaching career at Crosshouse Boys Club in the 2004/2005 season and spent 5 years with the club up until the end of the 2008/2009 season, before joining the Academy.