Walking Footballer Portugal Day 5

Portugal Day 5
Following the end of the Algarve 2018 Walking Football Cup the squad freshened up for the evening. Brown’s had organised an outside banquet for all the teams involved along with some musical accompaniment in the form of a five piece band. The band played and the singer sang would be a fair evaluation and should anyone have an interest in flying them over for weddings etc I am sure the band’s agent would be more than happy to come to an agreement!! The presentation was well organised by João Varela although on this occasion the Honest Men didn’t need to harass themselves by having to prepare a speech!Walking Footballers at Browns
The squad then retired to the bar / lounge at Brown’s and with the referee contingent also present the early evening’s entertainment was in the main provided by Stuart Galloway deep in conversation with the officials. Chopper Crawford then retired around 11.00pm in order to have enough time to pack away the goods purchased from his shopping expeditions!

Portugal Day 5 Part 2 The Episode!!
Following the Saturday evening ‘shenanigans’ the squad gathered for their taxi to the airport around 10.20am. Well, not quite the complete squad!


One septuagenarian (not Tiberius Kirk) had endured a very ‘lively evening’ and was suffering with some very worrying antics.

If I say the squad were held up for some 35 minutes with the ‘pantomime which unfolded’ the readers will glean some insight into this very difficult period of time. Firstly, the individual concerned had a panic over losing his watch! Back to reception for the apartment key. No luck! Our ‘extremely patient taxi driver’ was however ‘a tower of strength!’ We were all then treated to a ‘Laurel & Hardy’ looks-like sketch where the said individual and the taxi driver both rummaged through his case in the driveway behind the taxi! No luck again! Back to the apartment! No luck again. Back through the case! No Luck! Back to the apartment and then great joy! The ‘watch appeared’ out of said individual’s pocket! All sorted we thought!  Key returned to reception.

walking Footballers final pic

Then as the individual climbed  unsteadily into the taxi Tiberius Kirk asked if this rapidly  irritating individual had his passport. Unbelievable!! Another panic ensued as we were then treated to the same process all over again! Yes, you’ve guessed correctly! Reception for key! Back to apartment! Taxi driver and individual back through suitcase! Back to apartment. Back through case!

Now, as all this was taking place our errant goalie had ‘checked’ yes checked the individual’s string bag, just in case! No passport there! Until that is JC re-checked the string bag. And there it was!!! PASSPORT!

The moral to this sad and sorry episode is restrict libations and never trust a goalkeeper!!!!! (who has also had numerous libations the evening before. You couldn’t make it up! It could only happen with AUFA Walking Football Teams!!