Walking Footballers Blog Day2 Part 2

Portugal Day 2 Part 2

Following a very small oversight on JC’S part several squad members remained locked out of their apartment due to Chopper being delayed in returning just prior to lunch. JC had been involved in some deep tactical and technical conversations with the Hearts and Ormskirk squads.
Unfortunately with only the one key in JC’S possession this led to ‘a small interlude’ for ‘the boys!’

Waling Footballers day 2 - 2

Into Vilamoura for lattes and cakes as only a very small ‘lunch’ was required. The goalkeeper had on this occasion been left behind for the afternoon in order he could catch up on some outstanding work commitments.
This led to a very pleasant and calm afternoon enjoyed by all. A little shopping and a couple of Diet Cokes cleated the heads of those who had been ever so slightly wayward the evening before.

The evening meal took the squad to Browns and into the Visiting Teams’ Restaurant where some ‘old foes’ and some ‘old friends’ were encountered.

Ayr United were placed next to the Referees’ Table which brought a few ‘titters’ from several of those present.
JC managed to position himself at the far end of the table to remain as inconspicuous as possible. An early evening for all concerned was the ideal preparation as game day beckoned!