Walking Footballers in Spain

Day 3 Spanish Masters Salou 

Before moving forwards into Day 3 it is probably worth some reflection on yesterday evening. After expending great energy levels during the football and dare I say to no great avail, taxis were ordered to take the squad into Salou. A visit to Danny’s Bar where a few refreshments were consumed.
A very enjoyable Chinese Meal was had by everyone along with some further refreshments. 
Once again taxis were ordered to take everyone back to the Mucky Duck where several refreshments were again partaken until the ‘wee small hours’! it’! 
Rest Day today so taking things easy ‘Early On!). Some lunch had before a quick coffee with Big Lindsay ( The Big Jim Holton of AUFC Walking Football Club). A rest afternoon to watch some cup football Motherwell v Aberdeen, then hopefully listening into Ayr United v Stranraer. Then a repeat run of last night with a meal and refreshments in Salou. Will be keeping a close eye on the Squad tonight as Game Day tomorrow morning again. Never a problem with our squad of Athletes!!! 
Before moving onto Day 4 it is worth reporting on the evening of Day 3. Once ‘The Goalie’  had got over the Stranraer result (and certainly not helped by a certain Stranraer man Tiberius Kirk) who couldn’t get the smile off his face the squad set off for Danny’s Bar in Salou. A few refreshments were had with ‘the athletes’ in the group on soft drinks and all watching the Liverpool v Bournemouth match on the big screen. JC supported by his aides Tiberius Kirk and Tom Bolt ‘cut a deal’ with a local entrepreneur for a couple of Barca tops and caps. Time for a couple of pics of a beautiful sunset on Salou’s Promenade then back into the taxis and off to a very nice restaurant approximately a mile along the promenade. The Patriciarca Restaurant proved to be an excellent choice and a very wholesome meal accompanied by the odd refreshment was enjoyed by all. Back into the taxis again for a quick trip to the Mucky Duck and a final refreshment to bring the day to a close. However, one final twist to proceedings when a late text message confirmed the following morning’s fixtures.
Ayr Utd v Kettering 
Ayr United v Southampton 
Ayr United v Cove.  
Three tough games for the Honest Men in pursuit of the Spanish Masters Plate Trophy.
All will come ‘oot with the washin’ tomorrow!