Walking Footballers in Spain Round 1

Day 2 Salou Spain Masters

Up early this morning due to the ‘Big Keeper’s’ mobile alarm going off at various times during the night!!! Breakfast this morning at 8.30am. ‘Walking in the Rain’ comes to mind or rather ‘Pouring Down Rain!’ Now thunder and lightning and in fact a near tropical storm.
Glad we’re playing in the afternoon! At 11.45am the Tropical Storm had abated. Scouting mission late morning. Wee stroll down to the Sports Centre. Good pitches, some decent football with the Italians winning their first three games to date in the morning section. 
the team in Spain
A good healthy lunch in the cafeteria set the team up for an afternoon’s football.
A section of 5 teams included,
Kettering (England),
Cove (England),
Hindlip (England),
Norwich (England)
and Ayr United.
First up for the Honest Men were Kettering which proved to be a hard fought game with relatively few chances for either team resulting in a 0-0 score line.
A point gained or two points lost only time would tell?  
Next up for Ayr were the tournament favourites Cove which proved to be a real test for our team. Their movement on and off the ball caused no end of problems and had it not been for the fine goalkeeping of Stuart Galloway Ayr would have been on the end of a heavy defeat. Galloway also saved a penalty kick which kept Ayr hanging in until injury time when they finally succumbed to a goal at the back post.
Ayr had defended resolutely throughout but unfortunately just couldn’t quite see it through.
Game three saw Ayr front up against Hindlip from Worcester in what was yet another close game. Ayr did well to tie down their No 9 who was a constant threat with his movement off the ball but again Lady Luck was not on the side of United. This time another last minute goal cost Ayr dearly when a clearance was deemed too high and a penalty kick awarded. Stuart Galloway who had already saved a penalty earlier in the game for a similar infringement was beaten this time from the spot.
Ayr now had one game left to play against Norwich and at last some daylight for the Honest Men. A good strike from centre back Lindsay Easton was well parried by the keeper but as the ball broke Tom Dowman finished from close in. 
Finally a win for the Ayr team at last on what proved to be a rather frustrating day on the pitch.
The following results however consigned Ayr to the Sunday morning Plate Competition where there are hopes for some improved performances. 
Kettering 0 Ayr United 0
Cove 1 Ayr United 0
Hindlip 1 Ayr united 0
Norwich 0 Ayr United 1
Following the afternoon’s hard work the Ayr team prepared for some relaxation over a meal and a few refreshments.