Walking Footballers in Spain

Day 1 Thursday 12th April 2018

Ayr United Walking Football Team are off the Sunny Spain

The Journey to Salou

So far so good! The WF Team assembled successfully at Prestwick Airport at 4.00pm before taking off on time at 5.30pm. Seven players (well bodies and not necessarily all able bodied) with one more to be picked up at Barcelona Airport.

The Magnificent Seven from Prestwick included Stuart (The Flying Sloth) Galloway, Lindsay (The Whale) Easton, Tom (The Useless Bolt) Dowman, Peter (Ernie the slowest cart horse in the West)) Winchester, Sanny (The Whippet) Laurie, Jim (Tiberius) Kirk and John (Chopper) Crawford. The Missing Member of the Squad and final piece of the Jigsaw, David (The Bald Dynamo) Reid. What a lineup for the tournament!!! Once the team sheets are in tomorrow this squad will frighten the others and must be worth at least a goal of a start!!! 😊

Plane flight brought some manoeuvring challenges for toilet visits. Not easy passing the drinks / food trolleys on the way to the back of the plane. However, these Ryanair crew members are clever people. Look for a couple of empty seats! Slide along and then let the trolley past! Easy when you know how! Sanny and JC sorted!! Stuart Galloway proved to be reasonably smart as well! Not often we can say this but he did come in handy when JC had a bit of trouble with the seat belt. Apparently trying to belt in using the wrong end!! To be fair these things do happen!! 🙈🙈
Tom Dowman then spotted fast asleep head down on his food tray. Not a pretty sight though! Nodded off when on his laptop apparently. Mind you Tom had a ‘big smile’ on his face when a very attractive blonde sat down beside him for the flight. Unfortunately within 5 minutes she had re-invented herself into a WWE type of chap!! 😂😂😂 Never seen a smile disappear so quickly!!! 

Arrived after transfer to Cambrils Village. Allocated our villas and straight out to the Mucky Duck for grub and refreshments! Met at reception by Mick Quinn (not the one who ate all the pies!). Drink on the house and food on the table. The boys are in good spirits for tomorrow!