Walking Footballers Portugal Blog Day 1 Part 2

Portugal Day 1 Part 2

Following a refreshment or two the squad headed into Vilamoura to visit the Marina and sample some local culinary delights in the form of Club Sandwiches in the renowned Figo’s Cafe Bar.
A very filling lunch for around nine euros proved to be decent value for money.
The ‘great man’ (Luis Figo) was not to be seen apart of course from his array of sporting memorabilia adorning the walls of his Cafe Bar. 

Figo's cafe bar Vilamoura

A leisurely walk round the CR7 Shop didn’t produce the ‘other great man’ (Cristiano Ronaldo) although we are reliably informed it does belong to his sister.

On to the local Sports Shop to view a vast array of Benfica, Sporting Lisbon and FC Porto sportswear at suitably inflated prices.
Then it was back home to the apartment and a ‘chill out time’ before heading out for the evening meal in Vilamoura.
The Don Toro Steak House was the chosen eating place for the evening and a good meal was enjoyed by all. The meal was of course accompanied by a few glasses of the local wine and for some ‘washed down’ with several beers.
Then it was off to the 19th Hole at Vilamoura Marina which appears to be ‘the watering hole’ for latish revellers! Some of course later than others!
A 4 piece local band with full drum kit regaled those who were sober with a number of hits from the 60s onwards.
Then as ‘time was wearing on’ half the squad made their way back to the hotel whilst the other half embarked on a completely different approach! The first night’s sleep was disturbed on a number of occasions with ‘somewhat dishevelled figures’ appearing from another space warp with loud voices and less than coherent wording!
All eventually settled down or at least it appeared to be so until our resident goalkeeper’s alarm sounded ‘loud and proud’ at 4.00am in the early hours. It may seem somewhat cruel but one is able to testify.