Walking Footballers Portugal Blog Day 2

Portugal Day 2 Part 1

Late Newsflash from the early hours of Day 1!! Sports Editor Scott Campbell and Stuart Galloway’s Carer, David Reid were both on hand to witness the errant goalkeeper having a ‘bit of a catastrophe!’

The aforementioned Stuart attempted to ‘bop to the music’ whilst making his way back from the bar whilst balancing a tray holding pints of liquid and a bottle of red wine. I am reliably informed that as the tray threatened to ‘slip through his hands’

‘the goalie’ managed to hang onto the tray but to his horror the glasses of liquid erupted and exploded all over the floor smashing and splashing amongst the many revellers!

However, Thursday morning became a ‘late breakfast’ at Browns where tour veteran Chopper Crawford celebrating his 65th Birthday yesterday was very kindly presented with a bottle of liqueur from Manager João Varela.
Following the expansive and generous breakfast the squad returned to their apartments to prepare for their midday training session.

training begins for walking footballers

With the sun beating down and the temperature climbing to a hot 31 degrees centigrade the squad worked on the tactical and technical side of the game.
With preparations completed for the 9.30am Friday kick off the team retired for some ‘chill time’ before going into Vilamoura Marina and some very welcome coffees and cake.